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Braunschweig, the second biggest city following Hannover in Niedersachsen, North Germany,
is the hometown of PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and it is
a legal measure organisation of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.  

Welcome ! Please select the language !   There is also Firm Halle GmbH in near of Braunschweig and Firma Halle makes calibration standards certified PTB for roughness testers.
Halle's 3 Masters QPT Contour Master "Newly arrived Information"
  Free loan of Halle Roughness Master (G)
  QPT's contour normal CN303
  Lambrecht sensor (G) for Wind Power Plant
  Business with M-Service & Geräte (G)
  SLM's new address from May 7, 2018
  Ultradex of AG Davis-A.A.Gage (USA)

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  150th Anniversary Japan-Germany

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